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D-pantolactone is an important chiral intermediate for the synthesis of D-pantothenic acid series. It is mainly used for the synthesis of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) or calcium salt, D-panthenol (vitamin B5), D-pantoethylamine and other products.

Our company adopts the self-developed microbial genetic engineering bacteria L-lactonohydrolase producing bacteria and preliminary process technology and immobilized carrier preparation technology, and prepares D-pantolactone by the following route to prepare D-calcium pantotheate:

Through nearly one year of technology development and process optimization, high-density fermentation is currently used in the E. coli expression system, and the fermentation activity can reach 15000 U/L, and a stable and reliable enzyme extraction, purification, modification and immobilization line are determined. The enzyme liquid has high purity, high immobilization activity, good strength, good filtration performance, high efficiency in the process of enzymatic preparation of D-pantolactone, simple process and good product quality. Through the optimization of the preparation technology for introducing immobilized carriers, the carrier preparation technology has also made significant breakthroughs in process and cost. Through the small and medium test, the immobilization activity can reach more than 100U/g, and the cycle conversion batch can be calculated up to about 100 batches according to the enzyme activity decay rate.