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The production of ursodeoxycholic acid by using biological enzyme method instead of chemical method developed by our company has solved the problems of environmental protection and production efficiency of our customer Changde Yungang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which has significantly improved product yield and quality, reduced production cost and increased economic benefits. The project has been industrialized.

Our company has successfully explored a whole set of new technologies for extracting, purifying and immobilizing enzyme proteins from genetically engineered bacteria, laying a solid technical foundation for the synthesis of ursodeoxycholic acid by enzymatic method. The innovations are as follows:

1. For the first time, the UD series enzyme is applied to the ursodeoxycholic acid process. The enzymatic synthesis of ursodeoxycholic acid is chemically synthesized compared with the previous one. The semi-synthesis method has the advantages of simple process, high production efficiency and environmental protection.;

2. Using a new inducer, determine the optimal fermentation conditions to obtain a higher enzyme yield by studying the fermentation formula;

3. Direct collection of bacterial enzymes for production, simplifying the extraction and purification steps of the enzyme, and preserving the activity of the enzyme with maximum efficiency.