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포장 세부 정보 :

플라스틱 또는 골판지 드럼에 밀봉, 배럴당 25 / 30 / 40kg

배달 시간 :

주문 완료 후 XNUMX 개월 이내

지불 조건 :

45 일 또는 90 일

능력을 공급 :

50 톤 / 년


흰색, 밝은 노란색 또는 갈색 노란색 분말

효소 활동 :

50-60U / g

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호남 Nanbeiwang 생물 과학 기술 유한 회사

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상품 설명

Hydantoinase is a kind of amide hydrolase that catalyzes the cleavage of a cyclic amide bond of hydantoin, 5-monosubstituted hydantoin and its derivatives, and is mainly used for the biosynthesis of chiral amino acids. According to the different optical activities of the substrate and product catalyzed by hydantoin, it is classified into three types: D-type, L-form and DL-form. D-type hydantoinase is widely used in industry, agriculture and medicine. It can be hydrolyzed to N-carbamoyl-D-amino acid by catalytic 5' replacement of hydantoin, which can be further hydrolyzed by hydrolase. Hydrolysis of N-carbamoyl groups to obtain D-amino acids which are urgently needed for the synthesis of semi-synthetic antibiotics, sweeteners, new pesticides, and some anticancer and antibacterial agents.

어플리케이션 :

D-hydantoinase 및 D-carbamoylase는 주로 Dp-hydroxyphenylglycine, D-phenylglycine, D-tryptophan, D-phenylalanine 등의 제조에 사용됩니다.