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د L-Norvaline

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په پلاستيک یا د بورډ ډرمونو کې مهر شوي ، په هر بیرل 25/30 / 40kg

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د امر بشپړیدو وروسته د یوې میاشتې په اوږدو کې

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45 ورځې یا 90 ورځې

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10 ټنه / کال





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د هانان نانابینګ بیولوژیک ټیکنالوژي شرکت ، ل

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L-norvaline, also known as L-2-aminopentanoic acid, has the molecular formula C5H11NO2 and is an isomer of proline, a non-protein branched chain amino acid. L-norvaline is a key intermediate in the synthesis of perindopril. Perindopril has five chiral centers as a chiral drug for the treatment of hypertension, and when all five chiral centers are "left-handed" It is pharmaceutically active, and the α-carbon atom of L-norvaline is also one of the chiral centers in perindopril. At the same time, L-norvaline as an arginase inhibitor has also been gradually developed for use in medical drugs and health care products.


For the preparation of prion drugs, etc.

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