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کمپنی کی ثقافت

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ایڈریس: 1288 پورئی ویسٹ روڈ ، وانچینگ اقتصادی اور تکنیکی ترقی زون ، چانگشا سٹی ، صوبہ ہنان ، چین

کمپنی کی ثقافت

1. Enterprise tenet: promoting development with science and technology, taking talent as the foundation, concentrating on green chemistry, and reducing environmental factors

2. Enterprise vision: to make the company's biological enzyme preparation into the star product with the most core competitiveness in the industry

3. Enterprise spirit: serious, hard work, responsibility, innovation

4. Enterprise style: pragmatic, united, honest, responsible

5. Business philosophy: sincere, professional, fast and efficient

6. Service concept: condensing and inspiring team strength, pursuing and surpassing customer expectation

7.Quality concept: quality first, customer first

8. Safety concept: safety is responsibility, safety is benefit, safety is happiness