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    2019.6.18-6.20 CPhI Shanghai

    Ixesha: 2019-06-20 Indawo: 74

    CPhI China ended successfully on June 20, 2019. The 2019 exhibition brings together more than 3,200 outstanding companies at home and abroad, including Korea, India, Turkey, and more than 200 overseas exhibitors from Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and other countries. More than 70,000 professional visitors from home and abroad came to visit.

    Mr. Mo from Hunan Nanbeiwang Biological Technology Co., Ltd. led his employees to participate in the three-day exhibition, mainly to communicate with new and old customers, learn to expand industry new information and develop overseas markets, and to promote the company's biocatalysts and pharmaceutical intermediates to Corporate and customer promotion.

    Ngaphambili: 2019.7.31-8.2 Zhejiang

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